Short Sale Superstars and Commanders

Short sale consultantShort sale superstar or commanders are the skilled persons who take of short sale process, deal with short sale bank and lender. They have a great experience of the real estate industry and dealing with all sort of lender and bank. Short sale is not an easy task to do rather it is complicated and time taking process. You need to hire the services of a short sale commander if you are going to have a short sale. They can help you buying short sale, selling home as short sale, investing in short sale homes and negotiating with lender or short sale bank on your behalf.

Why hire a short Sale Superstar?

If you are underwater home owner or unable to pay the mortgage installments, you can choose a short sale or can go into foreclosure. Short sale is much better solution that foreclosure. Short sale saves cost associated with foreclosure in the form of foreclosure fees and other expenses. It also avoids the damage that foreclosure can done to your credit statement.

Process of short sale is really complicated and some lenders are difficult to deal with them. You don’t have knowledge of the real estate industry and deal with bank and want to process your short sale? You are inviting problems to knock your door. Short sale success and failure hugely depends on the short sale commander. It recommended to hire and experience short sale commander to proceed short sale process. Many home owners wish and proceed their home by their own and end up losing money and time. Short sale is not cup of tea for everyone, be careful proceeding with short sale.

Role of Short Sale Superstar

Short sale superstar plays a remarkable role in the process of short sale. An experienced short sale superstar or commander will be taking care of all the required documentation, negotiation with bank and creating hardship letter. Hardship letter is the most critical document to make a short sale successful. A perfectly crafted short sale letter by an experienced superstar can make your short sale close. On the other hand low quality and week short sale will just waste your time and create more complications.

What to look for Short sale Superstar?

Hiring a short sale superstar is the first step towards success or failure of short sale process. When hiring a short sale superstar, you need to be super cautious. Here are the thing you need to look for when hiring a short sale superstar or a short sale commander.

1-      Is the short sale superstar experience?

2-     How many short sales he has been closed?

3-     Is he/she got some short sale certification?

4-     What are reviews about the superstar?

5-     Is he/she neighborhood specialist?

Why Hire MyShortSalesAgent?

MyShortSalesAgent is one of the most experienced short sale superstar companies in the California. We have an excellent team of short sale superstars that are 24/7 ready to serve you. Our short superstar are fully equipped with the required knowledge and experience. We have been serving in the real estate industry for a long time and have learnt all the stuff required to make a short sale successful. We are backed with a group of attorneys that can have critical analysis of your documents. They can suggest you in better way if you lack something on your documentation.

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