Return on Investment

Short Sale Investment

 Short sale is a great attraction for investors. Investing in short sales allows buying a property lower than the market value. It offers a huge amount of profit if investor makes some cosmetic changes and sell the home at right time. Currently, more people are willing and interested in investing in short sale because a huge volume of distressed properties are available in the market. Buyers have more option when it comes to the price range, property and terms of investment. Short sale investment is beneficial for both, the seller gets a better chance to dispose a mortgage that they cannot afford and buyer gets a property lower than the market value that may bring good amount of profit. On the other hand, lenders get a chance to eliminate the loans that are non-performing without going into the process of foreclosure, which can be more expensive and much longer than traditional sales.

 Benefits of Investing in Short Sale

 Depending on the situation, investing in short sale can be good investment that can bring fruits for you. Here are some reasons why buying short sale is good investment.

 Little Competition

 When it comes to investing in short sale, there is lesser competition. You just need to find the people in foreclosure and from there you can work with them in order to negotiate a discount with their mortgage lender or bank.

 Control over Price

 When you are going to invest in short sales, you get the control over the amount that you are willing to pay. You get to negotiate the price with the seller, and in turn you also negotiate it with the bank. This means that you may be able to negotiate a lower price.

 You Have Choice

When investing in a short sale you have better choice for selecting the home. You can pick out the home that you want to purchase. You can target nicer and friendlier neighborhoods as long as there are homes going into foreclosure.

Easy Availability

You will have an easy time looking for a property because the properties going into foreclosure are listed and published.

 How to Invest?

Investing in short sale seems very attractive, but it is not like that as it looks. Selecting the wrong property will be the worst decision that you make. You need to take care of number of things when investing in short sale including, lender, type of loan, number of loans and bank. You need to hire the services of an experienced short sale consultant to invest in short sale.

Why Hire Us?

At MyShortSalesAgent we specialize in finding the best investment opportunities. We have been in the real estate industry for a long time and have dealt a huge amount of short sale cases and know the best options that can bring the better investment options for you.  We have a great experiencing find the short sale investment opportunities. We will not only find the investment opportunities, but also negotiate on your behalf that means we take your worries. We negotiate with seller’s agent, bank and the lender. You don’t need to run after finding the opportunities. We also take care of all the required documentation required to invest in short sale.  Banks always want to maximize and sometime it is really hard to deal with them. Hire us to make your investment hassle free.

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