What is a short sale?

A short sale is the sale of any real estate property that is sold less than the amount owed on it. Short sale occurs when borrower is unable to make the mortgage payments and borrower and lender mutually decides to sell the property to avoid the foreclosure. Short sale is better than foreclosure and evades many complications that may be in case of foreclosure. In case of short sale lender has to bear the loss accepting less payment than owed on the property.

Short Sale Services.

We, at MyShortSaleAgent provide a number of short sale services. Here are some of the major services that we are providing.

Short Sale Negotiation

Short sale is the process of selling a home less than the amount owed on it. It involves convincing the current lender to accept the less proceeds and bear the loss on sale of house. If the lender does not agree, a short sale cannot be made. Success and failure of a short sale depends on the short sale negotiation. Learn More!

Short Sale Investment

Short sale is a great investment opportunity for real estate investors. They find it very attractive because in short sale a home is sold less than the amount owed on it and mostly the price is determined less than the market value of home. Investing in short sale seems to be very attractive, but it needs a great amount of experience, knowledge of real estate industry and dealing with the bank to make a short sale investment fruitful. Learn More!

Short Sale Marketing

A huge number of homes are listed as short sale, but not every short sale is closed. Sale of a distressed home depends on the number of offers that it receives. Short sale marketing is the best tool that brings the multiple offers. If a short sale is not properly marketed, then it would not be able to get the reasonable offers. Short sale marketing is critical for closing a short sale with reasonable price.. Learn More!

Short Sale Buying

A short sale seems to be very attractive for buyers because they get a chance buying a home less than the market value. Buying a short sale is not like buying a home in the real estate market, it requires a lot of skills dealing with short sale bank and the lender. The main problem with buying a short sale is the length of process and the extra approvals. Short sale process may take up to six weeks to six months depending upon the lender and the involved short sale bank. Learn More!

Selling Short Sale

Selling a short sale is much more difficult than selling a home in the real estate market in normal circumstances. Selling a short sale involves the approval of lender, short sale bank and the most important thing a proof of financial hardship. If the borrower is unable to prove the inability to pay mortgage installments then it will not be possible to sell a home as a short sale. Selling a short sale is a lengthy process and involves taking care of a lot of things. Learn More!

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