Short Sale Consultancy

Short sale consultancyA short sale in real estate occurs when the outstanding loans and liens against a property are greater than the proceeds from the sale of the home after all closing costs are paid. This occurs only when a home owner meets the qualifications, and the home owners lenders agree to allow a short sale. In the event of a short sale, a lender can release you from your mortgages and fully forgive you of any deficiency.  

Typically short sales takes more time because it requires a number of approvals by a third-party, which is the bank or mortgage holder. MyShortSalesAgent specializes short sale, so we have skills to close these transactions much quicker. Otherwise, it’s a regular sale with a contract between the buyer and seller. Short sale buyers and sellers need to hire the services of short sale experts.  

Short Sale Superstars

Short sale consultants are the skilled individuals that can consult you when buying and selling of short sale property. The may be certified professionals and have a great experienced in providing the short sale consultancy. Short sale is not an easy task to do rather it is complicated and time taking process. You need to hire the services of a short sale consultant if you are going to have a short sale. Learn More!

Short Sale Negotiators

Are you skill enough to deal with you short sale by yourself? If not, you should hire the service of a short sale negotiator.  Be cautious when hiring the short sale negotiator.  Don’t be trapped by the flashy websites and beautiful office and environment.The most important thing to consider the number of short sales that a negotiator has negotiated. Keep interviewing the short sale negotiators until you find the skilled short sale negotiator.  Learn More!

Short Sale Agents

Hire the perfect short sale agent that has the excellent knowledge of real estate industry and has incredible negotiation abilities. The agent must be experienced and should have the legal and technical knowledge required to proceed the short sale. Be cautious when hiring a short sale agent and avoid being trapped by the so called short sale agents. Learn More!

Short Sale Experts

The process of short sale requires expert level of negotiation and knowledge of real estate market. Short sale experts can be an individual or a company providing the services of short sale. Short sale is time taking and lengthy process and you may not be patient when dealing your short sale by yourself. If is recommended to hire the services of certified and experienced short sale experts. Learn More!

Short Sale Specialists

Are you in a financial hardship of any kind? This can include but is not limited to relocation, divorce, loss of income or job, major repairs needed without resources to make them, increased bills or increased living expenses. We will discuss your situation and the short sale process in detail, explaining all of your options with you. A short sale is the best option in many cases to avoid the foreclosure. Learn More! 

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